The following sets forth the terms and conditions relating to the arrangement between the Player who is participating ("Player") and MACAU3D.

  1. The Player is either a corporation or a natural person over the age of 18 years and is not now nor has ever been an employee of any lottery.
  2. Macau3D will acquire and hold for the parties any ticket purchased. Either party may claim the prize for any winning ticket; however, regardless of which party claims the prize, after the claim is approved by the lottery, the prize will be divided between the parties in accordance with each party's interest.
  3. Each party specifically agrees and acknowledges that it is responsible for the payment of its own taxes on income received from the joint ownership of lottery tickets as well as filing any required forms with the appropriate local authorities.
  4. In the case of death of Player, any and all prize money due to the deceased Player shall be paid to his or her estate.
  5. Order cut offs are displayed on the ticket selection pages. Make sure you are within this time frame otherwise your tickets will be entered into the following draw. NOTE: Payment needs to be completed before the order cut off time to be valid for a draw (and not at time of picking numbers).
  6. Macau3D cannot be held liable for any late notification of entries for a particular draw. It is the responsibility of the individual to ensure that their orders are placed on time for a draw and that they are aware of the cut-off times for the draws. Players are advised to check their online accounts to confirm that their orders have been placed.